A Foreign City I Would Like To Travel Most

    Traveling is always charming, and the foreign city I would like to travel most is Shang-hai, the biggest harbor and the most prosperous city in China. I love Shang-hai because it gives me a lot of illusion about its modern and old buildings. Due to the highly-developed history, Shang-hai has played an important role in Asia, and the foreigners also left lots of ancient buildings there. Visiting the city offers visitors to see the different views between the east and west of Huang Pou River.

    If I have a chance to visit Shang-hai, I’ll spend a whole day in a coffee shop beside the Huang Pou River. By doing so, I can explore the charm of this beautiful scenery. I enjoy strolling along the bank, seeing the sunrise and sunset through a day. I’ll buy the postcard as my treasure and use it to introduce Shang-hai’s beauty to my friends. Not until I really visit Shang-hai myself will I realize the true beautiful there. I understand that Shang-hai has occupied my mind, and I want to visit the modern but traditional city.    (By 政大附中121班小紅豆)




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