(Blood Diamond By Richard MacAndrew Published by Cambridge University Press)

有別於以前都是要求同學繳交紙張式的"Story Map",不如我們就利用網路的便利,來節省能源,並同時得到廣泛傳播的好處。

在這一週,老師會帶領你們去圖書館挑選一本適合你的英文小說。(Remember! The principle is that you read for pleasure.)目標同樣是一個學期至少讀完一本英文小說。

感謝學校"某位"善心人士以及儀芳老師,在上學期捐贈給學校圖書館,很多很多的英文小說。這其中許多都是得過紐柏瑞(Newbury)獎章,其中還有一整套的Cambridge Readers,這一套可是包含了有聲CD,可以幫助你增加聽力,改善發音喔。


(Next Door to Love By Margaret Johnson Published by Cambridge University Press)



二,請登錄英文小說的書名(Book Title),作者(Author),以及出版社名稱(Publisher)。




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  • (The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan by Oxford Bookworms Library)
    reason:I've seen it's movie before and it is very touching
  • 12112
  • The Witches by Roald Dahl by Puffin Books
    reason 1: I like the topic of this book.
    reason 2:Some classmates really recmmend it.
    reason 3: I bought this book but I don't have time to read it. Therefore, I want to it this time.
  • 12103
  • In the Shadow of the Mountain By Helen Naylor Published by Cambridge University Press

    The first reason I chose this book was the cover of it really impressed me. Also, I found the story was touching after I browsed through the first chapter. I believe I will have a great time reading it.
  • 12125
  • Strong Medicine
    I chose it for some reasome. And they were mainly about the summery in the back of the book which told me that it was a story started from a murder, and it had an certain attraction for someone who likes reasoning. Although I couldn't totally get used to the British accent CD, I still enjoyed it.
  • 12109
  • The CHRONICLES of NARNIA:The Magician's Nephew by C.S.LEWIS by Harper Trophy

    The reason why I chose the book is that I've read the Chinese version of the NARNIA Series and was deeply attracted by the incredible plots in the masterpiece. Though having known how the story will go on, I think I can still relax while learning some interesting(at least I think so) phrases under the pressure of entering a good university.
  • 12118
  • Metilda by Roald Dahl by puffin books

    Reason: I like the books writen by Roald Dahl for he used easy words but created a fantastic world. I have already read The Witches and The chocolate factory, so I want to give it a try.
  • 12122
  • Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremy Harmer
    Published by Cambridge University Press

    The book title really made no sense to me when I found this book lying on the table. What surprised me more was that this book is a thriller, and the book cover also attracted my sight. That's the reason why I chose this book.
  • 12111
  • Frozen Pizza and other slices of life by Antoinette Moses
    Published by Canbridge University Press

    The reason why I chose this book was that the cover of it, three slices of pizza, caught my sight. Totally different from what I had thought, it dealed with issues on society problems in England. Based on the genre of human interest, it suited my taste of Sociology. That's why I loved and determined to read this book at the first sight!
  • 12126
  • Digital Fortress
    By Dan Brown
    Published by St. Martin's Paperbooks

    I chose the book because I've read the chinese verson of it, which allows me not to be confused by all those mathmatic nouns. another reason is that it's really an exciting novel with enough pages that can take me a whole semester to finish.
  • 12113
  • Superbird by Brian Tomlinson published by Cambridge University Press

    It looks like a mysterious story because there is an UFO on its cover.