Dear Classmates:

上次我們學習了如何寫好"Definition Paragraphs"的"Topic Sentence"。


不過為了檢驗同學的學習成效,就請同學以"My Life is Like ..."為題目,把自己的Topic Sentence PO在回應處,當作本週作業吧。



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  • 12122
  • My life is like a slimy but sensitive tongue which has experienced all kinds of different tastes.

    About the "new hairstyle"... I really wish that we are able to see Teacher Alfred's photo with the wig.XD
  • 12126
  • My life is like a combination of several kind of animals which shows different characteristics during each period of time.

    Like contact lenses, wig is never a comfortable thing to wear, so I don't expect to see it often in the future.
    To be perfect honest, this sig is a little bit too shining to be considered real, and it's much more expensive than the one we purchased for the public club performance in summer.
  • 12108
  • My life is like a coat with the materials have been decided by God since I was born.
  • 12113
  • My life is like an adventurous video game filled with colorful pictures.
  • 12106
  • My life is like a camera which catches various scenes in the world.
  • 12118
  • Flipping the coin, my life is like a gambling, and this time, I had no choice but let my sex chosen by the fate.
  • 12112
  • My life is like a garden which is filled with various flowers and many kinds of trees.

    To Yuki: I really like your new hairstyle. I think you can have your hair be straight next time.
  • 12121
  • My life is like a merry-go-round, which is a spot that people keep coming and going.
  • 12119
  • My life is like a no-end bicycle race, which is always comparing with myself.
  • 12103
  • My life is like a journey filled with up and down.
  • 12107
  • My life is like salmon in the river, which struggle to overcome difficulties with perseverance.