有名的脫口秀主持人"Larry King",訪問了"貓"劇的女主角"Elaine Paige"。

因為最近有一個出名的英國大嬸"Susan Boyle"在英國的才藝節目"Britain's Got Talent",唱了一首令人刮目相看的歌曲。

大家都說她的聲音很像Elaine Paige,而且大嬸的偶像正是Elaine。所以這一下子,沉潛已久的女歌手,又被大家拿出來討論,紛紛應邀許多談話性節目。



Larry King's questions for Elaine Paige:

1. Were you watching the show?

2. How many people have contacted you?

3. Do you think she sounds like you?

4. Should her looks matter?

5. Would you disagree with people who would want to make her over?

6. Would you do a concert tour with Susan?

7. If we can teach her to act, she is certainly made for the stage. Don't you think?

8. Are you gonna put her on your radio show?




Questions to be answered:

1. Who is Elaine Paige?

2. Who is Susan Boyle?

3. Why would Susan Boyle mention Elaine Paige in the “Britain’s Got Talent” program?

4. Does Elaine think there is any similarity between her voice and Susan’s?

5. What does Elaine think about people’s making over of Susan’s appearance?

6. What does Elaine plan to do afterwards?



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  • 1. Who is Elaine Paige?
    She is the original singer of the song "I Dreamed a Dream." And is also the first singer of "Memory" in Cat

    2. Who is Susan Boyle?
    She is the AMAZING singer with poor appearance sang in Britian's Got Talent

    3. Why would Susan Boyle mention Elaine Paige in the "Britain's Got Talent" Program?
    She was trying to be a professional singer as successful ass Elaine Paine but never got chance. And she thought Britain's Got Talent is the place.

    4. Does Elaine think there is any similarity between her voice and Susan's?
    Yes, in her tone

    5. What does Elaine think about people's making over of Susan's appearance?
    She thought there is no necessity cause a opera singer's peformance isn't depend on his or her looks but the voice.
    And she would be so popular is not only because her voice but also due to her unappealing dress and appearance.

    6. What does Elaine plan to do afterwards?
    If there is a chance, Elaine would like to sing with Susan together.
    And Elaine already invited Susan to come to her radio show.

    (anyway i dont really like susan and Britian's Got Talent at all
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  • Elaine Paige is a british opera singer famoused for singing the song, "memory" in Cats.
    And Susan Boyle, whose idol is Elaine is a contestant in the Britain's Got Talent show.
    Elaine did think that there is a bit similarity between Susan Boyle's voice and hers, which made her a little surprise.
    Also, she considered that instead of a person's shape or look, it's always the voice that matter to a singer.
    In addition, Elaine even think it's a pleasure to have a chance to sing with Susan in the concert and joining in her radio show.

    by the way, i recommand another singer, BOCELLI!!
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  • 1. Elaine Paige OBE (née Bickerstaff born 5 March 1948) is an English singer and actress best known for her work in musical theatre.
    2. Susan Boyle (born 1 April 1961) is a Scottish singer and church volunteer.
    3. Elaine Paige is the character that Susan Boyle has dreamed of.
    4. Yes, as she first heard Susan’s voice, she felt that she recognize it before.
    5. She thought that people should pay more attention on Susan’s voice instead of her appearance. After all, it is the voice that makes Susan on stage.
    6. She thinks that she will invite Susan to her radio show.
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  • Elaine Paige is a well-known actress and singer,who play in some famous musicals.Susan Boyle is a scotish counry woman who entered the Brits' got talent show and became a big hit.She said she wanted to be a successful singer like Elaine Paige in the show.Elaine does thinks that there is some similarity between their voices.She also thought that it was rather refreshing to see someone who people expect to be young to become a star.She thought the contrast between Susan's voice and her appearence made people think much about her,so there's no need to change her appearence.She planed to meet Susan in her radio show and know more about her.
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  • The amazing performance of Susan Boyle On "Britian's Got Talent" competition has become a worldwide headline. Susan claimed that she wants to be as successful as Elaine Paige.
    Elaine Paige is the actress in the original version of the musical "Cats" and the first person to sing the theme song "Memory".
    Elaine hears the similarity between her voice and she also suggested that Susan stay the way she is, that is, the modest singer from the village in Scottland. After all, it is Susan's wonderful voice that stunned people rather than her appearance. Elaine also mentioned that she's willing to sing a duet with Susan if possible. Elaine also gave Susan the invitation on her radio show,and expected that she would meet her and have a further acquaintance about her.
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  • 1.Elaine Paige is a well known singer and a stage actress.Act Evita in the Evita roal also the first person to sing Memory.
    2.A Scottish singer on "British Got Talent"
    3.She would like to be a successful singer such as Elaine Paige.
    4.Yes,she does think there is some kind of similarity between them both.
    5.She hopes Susan Boyle to stay the way she is.
    6.Elaine send the invitation to Susan for come to her radio show.
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  • Elaine Paige is a singer who sings the song I dream a dream and memory and
    she is the idol of Susan Boyle,the hottest star on youtube now.
    Elaine's friends sent lots of e-mail,text and even call her for seeing the clip about Susan.
    After seeing Susan's flim, Elaine feels that their voice are simillar.
    Elaine don't agree about make Susan over. In fact, Elaine thinks that the best way is staying the way she is.
    She decides to invite Susan to her radio show and wants to talk to her.
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  • Eliane Paige is a well-known singer and stage actress. Susan Boyle attended “Britain’s got talent” with Eliane Paige’s song and make a big hit. Lots of emails were send to her mail box after Susan Boyle was broadcasted on the TV. Though Eliane didn’t see the live show, she thought they have kind of similarity in their voice after watching on Youtube. She also thought that people should more concern about her wonderful talent, the voice, than her appearance.
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  • Attending the competition in the famous program "British Got Talent", Susan Boyle has been known to the world. As a countryside girl from Scotland, Susan wants to become a singer like her idol, Elaine Paige. Because of her amazing voice, people start to compare her with Elaine Paige, who sings the theme song "Memory" of the world famous musical "Cats".
    Hearing from Susan, Elaine feels that n Susan only has to be who she is because her beautiful voice has already impressed people a lot. Elaine also claims that if there are any opportunities, she is willing to sing with Susan, and she loves to invite Susan to attend her radio show or concert. About Susan, Elaine hopes to get more cooperation with her in the future.
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  • 1.who is Elaine Paige?
    A well known English singer and stage actress.

    2.who is Susan Boyle?
    A singer who won the judges' attention.

    3.why would Susan Boyle mentionElaine Paige in the "Britain's Got Talent" program?
    because she is trying to be a professional singer as her idol.

    4.does Elaine think there is any similarity between her voice and Susan's?

    5.what does Elaine think about people's making over Susan?
    it's not her dressing that make her succeed.

    6.what does Elaine plan to do afterwards?
    to invite Susan to her radio.
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  • Elaine Piage is an opera singer who was famous for singing 'Memory' in Cat.

    Susan Boyle is an old lady who has a talent in singing, and amazed everyone in the Britain's Got Talent show.

    She wants to be a professional singer just like Elaine Piage.

    Yes, she thinks her tone is similar to hers.

    She thinks that will be no need. What really matters to a opera singer is the voice but not the appearance.

    She would like to sing with Susan Boyle in her radio show.
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  • Elaine Paige is an outstanding performer who performed in several musicals and was the first one who sang "Memory" in "Cats". She is the role model of Susan Boyle, one of the competitors in the "Britons Got Talent" show, who amazed the judges by singing "I dreamed a dream" with a beautiful voice. After watching the clips on Youtube, Elain Paige did find some similarity between Susan Boyle and her voice. With Susan's unforgettable performance, Elaine thinks that appearance isn't that important to a singer, while Opera singers are often not in good shape. Finally, Elaine decides to meet and cooperate with Susan in her radio show.
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  • Elaine Paige was a famous singer who was the first to sing "Memory" in "Cats," and Susan Boyle was a woman from Scotland who has recently shot to fame after her incredible performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" on the show "British's Got Talent." Because Elaine was said to be Boyle's idol, She was then contacted by Shows like Larry King and Good Moring America. When she was on King's show, she said she knew about Susan Boyle's performance when she was back from a vacation and found her mailbox filled with her friends telling her about it on Youtube. She admitted that after she's seen the Youtube clip, she found that Boyle's tune has kind of similarity to her own voice. She also adviced Boyle to stay who she is since appearence doesn't matter a lot in comparison with voice, and that she will be happy to have a oppertunity to stand on the stage with her, maybe can sing on the theater stage after a period of training. At last she announced that she has already invited Boyle to her radio show and that it will be a pleasure to meet her.
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  • Elaine Paige is a famous profesional English singer who is the first one singing Memory from Cats, amd Susan Boyle is a amateur singer who became famous overnight in Britain's Got Talent. Susan wish she could sing as good as Elaine Paige and there sure are some similarities between them. Susan should be the way Susan is, and we should focus on her voice but not her appearance. Elaine Paige wants to invite Susan to her radio show and Larry King thinks there is a great chance of it.
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  • 1.She is the original singer of Memory and a famous acteress participating in the musical Cats as the first person.

    2.She is an unsophisticated rural singer who amazed everyone in the "Britain's got talent" program.

    3.When the judge asked Susan who her idol is, she gave him the answer "Elaine Paige".

    4.She found Susan's voice recongnizable and some similarity in the tunes of both of them.

    5.She thinks that Susan should just be herself and claimed that those who wanted to make her appreance over to give up their attempts.

    6.She might do a concert tour with Susan if she agrees to do so. Besides, it's quite possible that Elaine invites Susan to go to the radio show with her.
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  • 1. Elaine Paige is Susan’s idol,famous as the singer of the song “Memory”.

    2. Susan Boyle is the person who participates the singing competition draw everyone’s attention.

    3. Elaine Paige is her idol and the one she admired.

    4. Yes,she thought there is similarity between them.

    5. She thought that singing skills has nothing to do with however Susan looks.It is not necessary to make her over.

    6. She plans to invite Susan to her radio show.