House MD

Episode 1, Season 3                “Meaning”                                Date: 5/6


A paralyzed husband and father living with brain cancer, drives his wheelchair into a pool at a family BBQ. Everyone, but his son, thinks that it was suicide from the pain, but Dr. House will stop at nothing to figure out his true ailment. At the same time, House and staff deal with another baffling paralysis case involving a young woman who, although paralyzed below the neck, can still feel pain and touch.


Useful Vocabulary and Phrases:

resolve                             abandon                           facility                       false hope

compromise                      torture                              random                     at stake


You are the first doctor to give a damn about his quality of life.   


    在電影或是影集當中常常聽到”give a damn about sth./sb.代表的意思就是在乎某事或某人。這種用法在英文的口語中很常用,其實就代表著”care about sth./sb.的意思。想要表達”我才不在乎他怎麼想呢!”你就可以說”I don’t give a damn about what he thinks!

    類似的用法還有”I don’t give a shit.代表著”我才不在乎呢!”不過這樣的說詞比較粗魯,使用時要注意說話的對象。如果你想說”我一點都不在乎這個工作,因為我即將有一個比這更好的工作!” 那麼你就可以說”I don’t really give a crap about this job because I’ll have a better job soon.這種用法也比較不文雅,其實想想看”shit和”crap原本代表的意思,就知道為甚麼這樣的說法會不文雅了。


You have a hunch?    你有預感?


警察辦案或是醫生治病時,有時預感可以幫助他們釐清思緒,這時你就可以說”I have a hunch that maybe we can solve the problem by doing this.”意思就是我有預感也許這麼做可以解決問題。看球賽看到一半時,你也可以說”I have a hunch that this team will lose.””我有預感這支隊伍會輸。

    其實偶爾一次跟著感覺走,應該結果也會不錯。”I followed my hunches and they paid off.”意思就是我跟著我的直覺走,結果證明我是對的。看來我們多多少少都有一些靈性呢。

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