Fictional characters from any genre (whether in books, movies, video games, etc.) often prove to be unforgettable. Write an essay about any fictional character that has had an effect on you. Fully describe the character, where you discovered him or her, and the effect he or she has had on you.

Fictional characters have the magical effect on people even though they don't exist in real life. Most of the fictional characters have special talents, an uncommon life or unique thoughts, but we can find something we can learn from them to improve our abilities or lead us to the right way.
Belle, the heroine in "Beauty and the Beast", is the character that has had an effect on me. I first saw Belle is in Disney Channel when I was little. Her beauty and her unique behavior made a deep impression on me. Until now, I still remember the clever, brave, kind girl as well her sense of humanity.
Belle is a girl living in a small village whose father is an inventor. Belle has snow-white skin with bright eyes and soft brown hair. She looks slim and graceful, always putting a sweet smile on her face, talking with mellifluent voice. She is an admitted beauty but a girl with strange behaviors. Due to his invent-loving father, Belle has her own thoughts, which people think it is not conform to the rules girls should follow. She also love reading so much and dream in her own world that the villagers have whispered comments about her. Despite there are many critics put comments on her, Belle is still faithful to her dream. Different from other common girls, Belle doesn’t swim with the tide. She refuses the marriage of a man who is handsome, but he is rude and pretentious.
After knowing his father is in danger, Belle goes to rescue him without thinking twice. To save her father from the jail, Belle accepts the demands of the master in the castle. Although the master is an ugly, impolite and mean beast, Belle tries to get along with him and understand him instead of escaping from him. As time ticks away, they not only accept but also appreciate each other. Living, talking and reading together leaves Belle finding the tenderness and the kindness in the beast’s mind and falling love with him little by little. She knows that the appearance is not more important than one’s mind. Finally, Belle’s love breaks the curse on the beast. The beautiful life starts because of Belle, her special personality and the sense of humanity.
Saving her father on her own, accepting the demands of a mean beast, what I see is Belle’s courage. Having her own opinions, reading the books she likes, what I find is Belle insists on her dream and tries to decide her life by herself. Using a different sight to see the world, understanding a person from her bottom of her heart, what I feel is Belle’s kindness and the sense of humanity. She teaches me that life can be beautiful as long as I have the courage and the determination to do it. Then, I can find everyone’s excellence as long as I feel it with my heart.







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