There are moments in everyone's lives when they feel pride and accomplishment after completing a challenging task. These moments can happen in the classroom, on the field, or in their personal lives.

Write a story about one of your proudest moments. Describe the circumstances around the event, and the struggles you had to overcome. Include why that moment was your proudest, and how it affected your life.

Every one has their proudest moment in their life, but every one has a different situation that they feel proudest in their life. However, the moment that you shall think as your proud moment might be a deeply desire in your mind. And, we might probably try for it many times. When the goal you chase for is still far from you, thought you have chased it day after day, have your ever been upset? At this moment, we all expect the achievement goes after the efforts we have done, either and I.

My proudest moment also came after a long effort and pays a lot of time. My proudest moment is the moment I finish a difficult job that I haven’t finished it before, getting the achievement from the deeply aspiration I want to reach. In fact, the latest time I felt that moment as a proudest moment was the day I got the highest score in the ‘ETS criterion online writing evaluation service’. That is a computer software our English teacher made us to writing an English essay every two or three weeks.

The reason I feel proudest of is the difficulty filled in the test. The criterion in ‘ETS criterion online writing evaluation service’ is a little bit hard to me, because I didn’t have enough ability of writing a five hundred word long essay by myself. I finally did it with the continually practicing and completely corrections on my view of writing and attitude to a foreign such as English. The good emotion can't be replaced by anything. I think it was the proudest moment I have ever had before.

We won’t really care how arduous the task is. Instead, you will find a destination to reach quickly, because you might be conquered by the achievement when you conquer a difficult task. And, with one success, you won’t be afraid of any other defeats, too. Defeats and frustration is everywhere in our life, if you find a way to turn it into encouragement and happiness, you are a complete man! The way should find by yourself just like me, finding the way through the difficulty of writing and get achievement. Go and get your own proudest moment!


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