聽到許多同學都說沒考好,不過也算是學到一項功課了--- 背單字,寫好作文,才是王道



       如: The Memory Keeper's Daughter (p.1-p.30)


       如: 1. Watching her, he felt a surge of love and wonder: that she was his wife, that their baby would soon be born.

三,以這次模考的題目(the two pandas in Taipei Zoo )為主,試著用這兩個動詞或形容的方式各造一個句子,每個句子至少要有12個字。

       如: 1. Watching the two pandas, I felt a surge of love and joy: that they were real, that they were playing in front of me.

OK. That's all for this week's reading work.



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  • The CHEONICLES of NARNIA - The Magician's Nephew by C.S.Lewis

    P.135~P.221 of 221 pages(finished)

    Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

    P.1~P.28 of 498 pages


    Comments about the first book:

    I think the first book of the Narnia series is not so interestion as other single books. However, by reading the first one, you will know thw background of the fantasy more.


    1.I felt a surge of pity, and relief.

    2.The constant wooshing of the rain and wind across the roof wouldn't fade into the background.


    1.I felt a surge of piry while standing in front of the two pandas, wondering whether they could endure their prisoner's lives.

    2.The two pandas faded into the dark shadowy background in the cage, giving me a sad impression.
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  • Trumpet Voluntary p.1-p.111(finished)

    1.I could see a cable car hanging from the wires that snaked towards its summit.

    2.Before I knew what was happening I'd been hit by something like an express train from behind and I fell to the ground with a surprisingly fast Oswaldo on top of me, his big, plump hand covering my mouth to stop me from crying out.

    1)A flock of visitors snaked towards their way to the panda compound for a glimpse at the two giant animals.

    2)Watching the two pandas eating bamboo holding in their plump hands, visitors can't help taking pictures of these cute creatures.
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  • Indie Kidd- How To Be Good[ish] by Karen McCombie illustrated by Lydia Monks
    p.7~p.174 [finished]

    1. Our cat sleeps so much that she is probably "awake as often as your pillow".
    2. Dad "zoomed off" to his beloved darkroom.

    1. According to the report, it must be very lucky to watch Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan playing or rolling around because they are "awake as often as your pillow".
    2. As soon as the girl arrived in front of the pandas, they both immediately "zoomed off" to their cave; therefore, she burst out crying.
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  • Knights of the Round Table (p1~P112 of 112 pages)

    1.He had a twinkle in his eye."I am the son of a king."
    2.He snatched it up.


    1.When visiting the two pandas in Taipei Zoo,the kids have twinkle in their eyes.

    2.To exhibit the two pandas in the showroom is a kind of deed that snatch their freedom
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  • Matilda by Roald Dahl by Puffin Modern classics
    From page 8 to page 15 of 232 pages
    1. The way he tells it I feel I am right there on the spot watching it all happen.
    2. Sit back and allow the words to wash arround you, like music.
    1.The way he told the course of the accident I felt I was right the victim.
    2.You should always be concentrated to the teacher and let her words wash arround you.
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  • East 43rd Street(finished)
    The Thirteen Tale
    (by Diane Setterfield)
    from p1-p4 of p499
    1. Their uneven strokes either faded into nothing or were heavily "etched" into the paper.
    2.Still in my coat and hat,I "sank" onto the stair to read the letter.


    1. The scene that the two pandas played happily was etched forever in my memory.
    2. After watching the pandas with a large crowd surrounded, I sank on the chair to take a break.
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  • Digital Fortress
    By Dan Brown

    page 16~53 of 430

    1.As Susan traversed the floor, TRANSLTR loomed to her right.

    2.What's this big emergency you got me out of the tub for?


    1.As the panda traversed the display window and streched itself, sounds of camera shutter was brought about as well.

    2.With the over shock and sleepless the pandas have suffered yesterday, it seems impossible to got them out of their beds.
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  • The Curious Case if Benjamin Button
    Written by F. Scott Fitzgerald
    p.1~9 of 120 pages

    On the September morning consecrated to the enormous event he arose nervously at six o'clock, dressed himself, adjusted an impeccable stock, and hurried forth through the streets to the hospital.

    She pointed the direction, and Mr. Button, bathed in a cool perspiration, turned falteringly, and began to mount to the second floor.

    The panda arose excitedly in his new home on the very first day, dressed himself, adjusted a charming face, and hurried forth through the small entrance to the stage of his own, just can't help waiting to be welcomed.

    Seeing the panda fighting with each other violently, I was bathing in a cool perspiration, just can't believe it was true.

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  • The Reader
    By Bernhard Schlink
    p.1~p.105 of 218 pages

    Why does what beautiful suddenly shatter in hindsight because it concealed dark truths?

    I also remember that the smallest gesture of affectionate would bring a lump to my throat whether it was directed at me. This juxtaposition of callousness and extreme sensitivity seemed suspicious to me.

    Once those kids learn that the pandas are actually being confined, all the happy images they seemed may shatter in hindsight because they concealed dark truth of human's selfish behavior.

    Even the smallest gesture of the pandas would stir my sympathy and bring a lump to my throat.I believe that they want to be surrounded by nature bamboos rather than flash and crowd.
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  • In The Shadow of The Mountain
    By Helen Naylor

    15-27 of 96

    1. In three seperate bedrooms, three brains were thinking about the mystery of Edward Crowe.

    2. As the train travelled round the Lake of Geneva the spring sunshine danced on the water, and in the lakeside gardens white flowers on the trees made Clare realise how far south she'd travelled since the weekend.


    1. While visitors took out their cameras and pressed the shutter continously, panda's hands were waving, trying to avoid bright flash toward their eyes.

    2. As a great many excited children and adults passed by, two pandas had been eating bamboos, completely ignoring the crowd.
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  • Jim The Boy
    by Tony Earley
    p.1-20 of 210 pages
    A drop of blood trickled from the left of the panda's forehead,which was hit during a fight for mating with other pandas.
    The memory of their original habitat still haunts the mind of the pandas,thus making them uneasy.
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  • Twilight by Stephenie Meyer by Little Brown(from page1-pages20 of 498)
    [1].It was from this town and its gollmy, omnipresent shade that my mother excaped with me when i was only a few months old.

    {1}.The excitiment of seeing pandas existed omnipresently on people's faces.
    [2].I detested Forks.

    {2}.I detested those who trying to attract panda's attention by hitting the glass.
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  • Hulk / written by James Schamus / published by Ballantine Books
    P.1 ~ P.18

    1.) Glitter
    My eyes glittered when I saw my mom came home with a big Teddy Bear in her hands.

    2.) Bewilder
    We were bewildered by the statements given by the witness.
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  • The Witches(p.47~p.117)
    1.I "glanced swiftly around" at the rest of the now seated audience.
    2.I was off cross the platform "like a streak of lightning."
    1.Seeing the visitors stormed into the glass in front of them, the pandas glanced swiftly around the noisy crowd.
    2.When one panda saw his companion was eating the bamboo, he rushed to her and robbed her of the bamboo at a very fast speed like a streak of lightning.
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    p.18-37 Chapter.2
    Everyone was grinning at these lovely pandas whlie seeing them face to face at once in a minute.
    The two cute pandas sniffed at each other and played on the ground.
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  • When Summer Comes

    1. In one of the small side-street, they found Philpots, a restaurant specializing in seafood.
    2. Anna stretched out her long legs in the sun and started to read the guide book for the area.
    (1) In the terminal station of MRT Mucha Line, Mike found Taipei Zoo, a zoo specializing in their new guests, pandas.
    (2) Two pandas woke up, stretching out their chubby hands wearily and soon fall asleep.
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  • Frozen Pizza
    The sluggish movement of pandas amused the little girl who saw them for the first time.
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  • I, robot
    by Isaac Asimov
    page32~57 of 104

    1. Dr Calvin reddened, and thought wildly, “He knows.”
    2. RB-34’s photoelectric eyes lifted form the book when the door opened.

    (1) I reddened, and thought wildly when they told me these cute animals called pandas not cat bear.

    (2) my eyes lifted from the pandas confined in the spacious room, pandas playing with each other without any notice of being caged.
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  • 2exclaim
    Upon spotting the cute pandas, she exclaimed with excitement as her dream was finally realized.
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  • Onino John
    Pages 48~64 out of 248

    1. With his hands chopping and slicing, and his arms ups and downs, I have never seen anyone so busy during a conversation.

    1. As usual, I can never understand what those chopping and slicing hands are doing while the conductor is conducting the orchestra.