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        1These days, email, which is short for electronic mail, is a huge part of our everyday lives. 2But it may surprise you to know that the history of email goes back a lot further than the great Internet boom of the early to mid nineties. 3Electronic mail actually predates the Internet itself, and in part inspired how the Internet was created.

        4People first began to send electronic mail way back in 1965. 5Back then, email systems required that multiple users log in to the same host computer at the same time. 6Only then could they send information back and forth. 7This system has certainly come a long way since those early days.


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今年暑假帶學生德國進行姊妹校交流時,自己也進去他們的課室做觀察。我看的那堂是生物課,老師一上課便要求學生全體起立,確立每個學生安靜,重整心態後,便以眼神點頭示意,然後每個學生說: "OO老師早安,"然後大家坐下準備上課。




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Column 2


    1Ever since the suffrage movement of the early 20th century, women around the world have striven to gain equal footing with men. 2By and large, they have succeeded in many areas, challenging the traditional role of a woman as a homemaker, and seeing their salaries rise to be almost on par with those of their male counterparts. 3But practices that some see as being archaic relics, such as paying a bride price, still exist. 4According to this custom, the groom must give a certain amount of money or property to the parents of the bride in order to be granted permission to marry her. 5Though this practice has its supporters, some women’s rights groups contend that it reduces women to the level of mere property to be bought and sold. (130)


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Column 1


    1Insects may be small, but they have brains just like you and I. 2__1__ 3Studies have shown that they have the ability to form a mental map, which allows them to remember where the best sources of food are located. 4Back in 1983, researcher James Gould undertook an experiment in which he placed a source of sugar water near a beehive, and then moved it 25 percent farther away from the hive each day, before ultimately placing it in a boat in the middle of a small lake. 5Each day, scout bees found the source, and reported back to the hive to lead other bees to the new location. 6__2__ 7This suggests that bees have the ability to figure out that it should be impossible to find their source of food in such an unusual place.

(A) Take honeybees, for example.

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《一生必學的英文寫作》 前言:培養英文寫作力


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