Some have said that music not only entertains people but also influences their thinking and behavior.

To what extent do you think music has the power to influence as well as to entertain people? Support your views with reasons or examples from your reading, observations, or experience.

In our daily life music is just like an air living in our life so commonly. Wherever we go, even we go to the foreign country there are still some rhythm with different languages. Virtually, we, the people cannot live without music. But why do we always need some melodies around our surroundings? If there is no ring music in our cell phone, how can we know that we have a call? From this simple example, we can see that we never thought of the value of music because it lives in our life so naturally, and even so comfortably. However, people are a sensitive animal we need different kinds of music to relieve our changeable mind.

Sometimes, music is our best friend. Whenever we are in a bad mood, it always besides us and the only thing that you have to do is click the bottom and enjoy your music hours. When something ruined my mind, I always listen to some heavy metal and scream with it. The heavy metal is just like my emotion and it is the best way for me to relieve my unpleasant feelings. By listening to metal, I can relieve my bad emotion. I don't want to lose my tamper in front of public. Human beings are easy to lose control when we encounter hatred thing or person. But we cannot always scream at someone else or hit somebody else. For this case, I think when we lose our tamper maybe we can scream with the music and forget the bad moments. Only for short three minutes, the thing is still unsolved, but unless our mind is lighter now.

Music could be the medication of our hurt mind but it has more interesting ways to enjoy it. First, it is an awful moment to wait for a bus or a train for a long time in the hurry morning. Don’t feel upset, and turn on your CD player intoxicate with your favorite songs. Second, when you are tired up with daily life, you can dance to the beat and relax your mind. Dancing in the music is the easiest way to relieve our body. You don’t have to be a dancing queen, but remember to enjoy the music with your body. You could bath in the rhythm, and close your eyes just move your body with it. However, if you don’t like to attending in this music parade more lively, playing it by yourself will be the best choice for music lover. If you are good at the piano, you can play the piano for yourself or for someone who loves your music. Both of them are the way to make you and other people feel delightful through the rhythm. The melodies you played in would decorate the atmosphere. Furthermore, not only the pianist could entertain other people, but also the romantic saxophonist and graceful violinist.

How can I live without music? Because of music, my life turned into pleasant one. From the beginning of the day, I am waking up in the beautiful melodies, and next washing my face with birds singing. While going to school, I listen to the noise of the city, and also melodies that wind bring for me. Every little thing, it might seem meaningless for someone else, but for me it is my way to satisfy my life. No music, no life, I think the word is made up for me. Now, I am going to pick up my CD player, and having my tea time.

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