Read the following excerpt from a poem by Walt Whitman.

There was a child who went forth every day,
And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became,
And that object became part of him for the day or a certain part of the day,
Or for many years or stretching cycles of years.

Whitman's poem suggests that certain objects become important to us and remain important to us even if we no longer have them.

Write a story in which you tell about an object that remains important to the main character over a period of years. The main character could be you or someone you know.

In your story, describe the main character's first encounter with the object, why the object is so important to the character, and how, over the years, it remains a part of the character's life.

The story now I tell is about an ordinary girl, just like you and me, who finds the diamond shining in her life. It was a film; the stop of her life journey changed her direction and started a brand-new way to live. Just as if she has fought the light in a heavy smog, she received the gift of life from God.
Candy is a high student who is going to face a big exam next year. She is made to study hard by parents and teachers; her classmates want to enter a standard college. However, Candy doesn't really understand what to chase. “What's my goal?” She asks herself over hundreds of times, and gets no answers. Boring things occupy whole life and time, making her tired of everything around. She even thinks herself as a useless exist in the world because of having no targets.
It is a night on the weekend that Candy wanders on the street and does some window shopping. A picture catches the attention; it is an advertisement of producing movie. There is a sight of the man's back on the poster, looking toward the sun determinedly. Shocked, she feels something brims over the mind. Something leads her to be here, as if the movie appealed the same kind person here.The door is been open to beckon her in. Without thinking, the mind controls the body to the theater.
With a bag of popcorn and a cup of coke, she moves into a dark and quiet room. The screen doesn't have things on it until the movie begins. Suddenly, the frame with music explodes at the same time. The film describes a man, an officer in a small company. Everyday the keeps keyboarding a large amount of document, calls every customer and thinks the next project. One day, he cannot relieve these terrible routine, so he quits the job. He goes to the harbor alone, and broods over the next step. The time comes back to his childhood; the boy claim loudly that he will travel all over the world in the future. It is the time to realize the dream. Therefore, he steps on his own journey to every country.
The beautiful scenery inflects onto Candy's heart. Every country has its own culture and specialty. The most impressive thing is the courage from the main character. He doesn't care about money, jobs, and everything general people desire. The only thing he gazes at is his life. Candy bursts into tears because of the man's attitude. And she gets energy to make a goal for her future. The clock ticks away but the moment she will never forget.



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