Fictional characters from any genre (whether in books, movies, video games, etc.) often prove to be unforgettable. Write an essay about any fictional character that has had an effect on you. Fully describe the character, where you discovered him or her, and the effect he or she has had on you.

A fictional character in the books or movies enrich the real world, moreover, we even imitate their behavior because of our admiration on the characters.
“Gone with the wind” is a literary classic written by Margaret Mitchell in 1939. Unlike many leading roles in other stories, Scarlett O’Hara was not a likable character when she made her first appearance. Though there's no doubt that she is clever and charming, readers may still consider Scarlett as an arrogant lady. Always shows up with a bright and colorful dress, her wearing can also regard as a symbol of her strong personality. However, all her behavior is related to her background, a rich family which host Tara village. Everyone spoiled her and let Scarlett became wayward, and also being immature on managing her love world. She desired to win Ashley’s heart, but it was also the persist that ruined the marriage between her and Rhett, her true love.
Not until the disaster of the American Civil War occurred in the novel did I change my viewpoints on Scarlett. The war changed the fates of the O’Hara family and made Scarlett a mature woman. During the War, Scarlett changed her disposition into a strong-willed power and adapted wonderfully in the strict challenge. As the time Scarlett lost everything but an empty house remained, a soldier invaded into the house and tried to damage the two women. Not having any experience of using a gun, Scarlett forced herself raised the weapon and killed the enemy. I was deeply impressed by this scene, the action is stunning, but her courage and determination totally won my admiration. In contrast, other characters lacked the courage to overcome the weakness in their hearts when living in such a harsh environment.
Scarlett struggled the difficulties under the threats she had encountered. One factor that touched me was seeing her efforts she paid on saving her homeland. Also, she defeated her prejudice and promised to protect a friend she had been envied before. Not a childish lady anymore, Scarlett took all the responsibilities and reconstructed what she has lost.
I admire the character because Scarlett is special and features with many traits that any other roles are lack of. First of all, the spoiled lady once in Tara reminds me of that I sometimes behave as childishly as she does. What I'm different from her is that she could still manage everything well with calm and intelligence even in the hard time. By contrast, I don’t have the potential to handle things well when facing frustrations. She possess a talent for leadership, a trait that I have dreamed for so long.
Thanks to the movie released a few years after the book was published, Scarlett lived even more vivid in everyone’s imagination. Needless to say, she’s the kind of women living in a world without giving things up, both her fate and love. I sometimes imagine that her abilities may bring her to the peak on her career easily if she were in modern times! It’s amazing that a fictional character can be portrayed with a delicate but complex description. To judge by humanity, Scarlett is not worthy to be named as a "perfect women", but how she dealt with all kinds of situations has gradually affected me. I think she deserved the credits people gave her, and she's perfect enough to be a model of mine.




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