Some have said that music not only entertains people but also influences their thinking and behavior.

To what extent do you think music has the power to influence as well as to entertain people? Support your views with reasons or examples from your reading, observations, or experience.

Music is basically consisted of two parts; one is the melody while the other one is the lyrics. Since nobody can live without the music, why it can always attract people’s attention, along with can settle so much influential motivation upon us becomes the important question within our lives. By dividing the melody and the lyrics into two sections to discuss with, the following two paragraphs use different points of views toward answering questions above. Hope they can rather clear up its mysterious.

First of all is its melody. As there are so many genres of the music, including classical, pop, rock, electronic, jazz, light, and Bossa Nova, the changes of the notes express the soul and the emotions of the music, whether it is gentle, generous, arrogant, aggressive, famine, masculine, strong, desirous, peace, anxious, confident, or cheerful. “Music is the international language for not having difficulty communicating with others,” Turkish Sufi music master- Omar Faruk Tekbilek once said. When a person hears the melody of one song with not knowing which genre it is, he or she can easily identify it with the move of the notes. Because the melody need not be translated, the boarder of using different languages to describe the same feeling is beyond concern. The preservation of classical music can be therefore contributed to taking well advantage of the musical instruments to show its way, which causes the endurable fame over and over generations afterward, to inspire people’s imaginations and to offer people spiritual shelters. Since hundreds of years have passed, the genres of the music have switched rapidly. But, even the rock or the hi-hop ones are much different from the classical ones, the melody of the songs still continue giving people more and more explanations to the surroundings. What had changed is not its missions; it is rather how it shows to the world. As a consequence, it is not hard to explain why people will easily remember the sound of the song while they mostly forget its lyrics.

Second, the lyrics for the song make the melody of the music into perfection. While classical music need not be explained by verbal languages as it goes, the modern and fierce ones are packed with so many messages to send to their listeners. The different lyrics of modern songs can be regarded as the set free of daily pressures. Since people are all in the quick pace, it is hard for them to spare their time telling their feelings of their daily routine. Then, the lyrics can therefore easily release their feelings while their topics, including love, family relationships, and the discontentment with the society, are close to their lives. With the publication of mp3 players, the music is more approachable and accessible. The lyrics of the songs are also being widely spread for they have connected more and more people’s lives altogether. By singing along with the songs and the lyrics, the pressures are released while courage is regained through the understanding of the lyrics. Thus, the lyrics can be viewed as accompanies of people’s scheduled lives, making them no longer be alone and scared while the songs are being played over and over again.

To sum up, no matter how music presents its feelings, it will always stay by people’s side. Because it is how people compose the songs, and how the music makes people feel better, the sound of the instruments and the voice of the clear tongues will always inspire the spiritual world to sing along with them. As a result, if something is down, it is good for them to play a slow and peace one for releasing their tighten stress. After all, why music can be passed through the sufferings is not without any rational reasons. Just as what had written above, “music is the international language” and it is certainly worth sharing emotions with.






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