After-School Jobs

Many students now take after-school jobs that involve working long hours. Some administrators argue that these jobs are tiring for students and make it difficult for them to complete their schoolwork. Others say that paying jobs are good experience for the future.

Write an essay arguing your point of view about whether or not after-school jobs are beneficial for students. Use specific examples and reasons to support your position.

After-school job is a hot topic among us now. Many administers argue with it now. It is a way for students to experience the life in the future, but it is not good for their schoolwork. It may help students to earn more money, but it's important that how they use it. It's a good way to let them know the importance of money, so they can be more humble future. They can make new friends with doing the job. I believe it gives us a perspective of the world early, helps develops people skills, and it teaches us to manage money. Whether you like it or not, it's a serious problem between everyone now.

If a man were held by others all the time, he won't know how important saving products is. He may waste a lot. Because of the reason, he should have a job to experience the feeling of working. By doing the job, he can understand how important saving the money is. And he will be careful to use money. But if he wastes too much time doing the job, he may not have time to finish his school work. Then he may have bad grade in school, and can't come up with other students again. That's not the responsibility of a student. So it's another work to find the balance of working and studying. It is also a very positive thing because students that are working can meet just about anybody and it helps them develop opinions of their own and to become and independent person and not to share all the same views of their parents.

Many students want a part-time job after school because of money. They may want to buy some things that they can't afford, or their parents don't want to waste money on them. The things the want to buy may be good for them, or bad. Notebooks and MP3, may help them to do works and learning, but it's dangerous for their eyes and ears if the use too much. The most dangerous thing is they earn money to buy drugs. But it's not common around us. Maybe they just want to save money for the future, like traveling and studying aboard.

They may make new friends while doing the job, but we are not sure if the friend is good or bad. If his friend is good, he may come up with him. On the other hand, if he gets along with a bad friend, he may become worth. If the friends he makes turn rich in the future, he will have some benefit from him. On the other hand, his friends may give him some troubles. He may be confused by the balance of friendship between school and work.There are many jobs post on the newspaper for the job searcher. However, they may not true. People may be treated by the advertisement. They may lose their money or even body with the illegal job. It's dangerous for them. So it's important for them to be careful about the job.

They may not have enough ability to do the job, but they can have more experience in the job. They can use the experience for the future. They get more chances to be successful. It's good for teenager for having a part-time job.

In conclusion, many students now take after-school jobs that involve working long hours. I agree with these students because it gives them a better perspective of the world, helps develop people skills, and it teaches them to manage money. Therefore students who are responsible to have a job after-school are the ones more likely to succeed in life.



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