Think about the goals you have for your future. Write an essay about what you will do to reach your goals, whether that is to be a professional athlete, a famous scientist or a happy Mom or Dad. Tell the story of how you will achieve your goals, being as specific as possible in describing the obstacles and challenges you might face on the road to success.

Everyone should think of what they want to do after graduating from high school. Not only choose a college but a career. Most people may have the goals they want to achieve, such as to be a professional athlete, a famous scientist or a happy Mom or Dad. For me, I want to be a doctor to save people’s lives. The reason I have this goal is because that I don’t like see people in sick, and I hope everyone is always happy. But it isn't easy to achieve owe to there is a great deal of obstacles and challenges I have to face on the road to success: grades, patience, and the morality of the profession.

First of all is the grades. Every college department of medical science is hard to enter. The criterion is so high that I’m afraid I can’t achieve it. Those who have entered the department of medical science are often the best students when they were in high schools. However, I’m not the best student in my high school, and I’m afraid that I don’t have enough time to catch them up. Therefore, I have to study harder and harder for saving my poor grades. It’s not easy, but I’ll try my best.

The second obstacle is that I must have more patience than any other occupation because becoming a good doctor needs not one year or two years but over eight years. Studying Eight years isn't’t an easy job, so I should make a significant option and follow it determinedly. It still has very long way to go, so I must have much patience to achieve the goal.

The last obstruction is that being an outstanding doctor should conform to the morality of the profession. A doctor shouldn't reveal patients’ cases and has to spare no efforts for saving the weak.

My dream and goal is always to be a doctor. I want people around the world are always happy, and I don't like to see people in sick. Every time I see those who feel uncomfortable or upset, I would want to give them a hand, and make them smile. Maybe being a doctor is not that free and easy, but I think I will enjoy this fantastic job very much. Though there must be lots of obstacles and challenges like grades, patience, and the morality of the profession, on the road to manage it, I’ll try my best.



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