While many students persevere throughout high school, others occasionally become disinterested in what they claim is the "same old routine." What can be done to keep students motivated and keep them focused on their studies? Write an essay in which you describe how to keep things interesting in the classroom in order to keep students motivated.

Students always feel bored after a long-term class time because teachers usually talk about the same thing over and over again. Hence students begin to lose their enthusiasm for studying. As a result, this vicious circle will last until the course ends up.
If I were the teacher, I must try to make some improvement. There are some ideas to change the bad situations of class time. First, group discussion will be a great way to make the content, of course, more attracted. We can share our thoughts with each other, and discuss for better conclusions or solutions. Also, it can be held a debate to excite everyone as it is a new attempt for students in Taiwan. For instance, in my conversation class, my foreign teacher always holds some special conversations between students and him for some specific topics, such as food, politics, culture, etc. Thus, everyone in the class shows much interest in this course and wants to join the activities pleasantly. Once he held a debate on some controversial issues, and we felt newfangled because we had never tried an English debate before!
Second, teachers should attend some classes for advanced studies. As an old saying goes, "It's never too late to learn," if the teacher keeps learning new things, updating knowledge can be taught to students as soon as possible. Take my English teacher for example, she likes to take some advanced classes after school even though it is very tired after a whole day work. So she always has something new and interesting to share with us.
Finally, using modern technology also plays an important role in motivating students to learn. Lots of technological products, such as laptops and projectors, have been updated in recent time, and it can be used in the class to make the course close to our life and interest students in the topic. In our school, for example, teachers often use PowerPoint for teaching or get onto the Internet for watching some of the specific movie clips. Also, we can use projectors our laptops for presentations or make the classroom become movie theater during lunch time. It is a special experience in high school's life, and it lets students show much designs on the course.
To sum up, there is a lot of way to keep things interesting in the classroom in order to keep students motivated. All teachers have to do is use these methods in the right way and in the right time.





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