People sometimes act one way around their family and another way around their friends. As a result, our family and friends may have very different ideas of what we are like.

Write an essay comparing and contrasting what your family and your friends think you are like. Include several ways that their views are similar and several ways that they are different. Give specific examples to support your points.

How others look us like? Do they consider as in a positive way? How come do these so important? That’s because we have to please others on their ways. The most common issue is that some act differently in front the family and friends. But why do they do so? That’s the main project we discuss about.
Teenagers all over the world have one thing in common---to do what they want. But the premise is that their parents allow and accept. So the first factor is the parents. Parents are usually strict and want everything happens as their prospects. Fear and dread make us do what parents want us to that. And if so, we will be looked on as good kids. Otherwise, we will be shouted, or even be bitten, punished by them. So, that’s the pressure makes us do what we are not pleased to do.
However, being under a strong stress may get me crazy. Friends, who can hear our complaints and give us good advices, mean a lot, too. But how could they become your friend? And for what reasons should they listen to your garbage grumble? That’s all because you are the type they like. But how to be a people-liking parson is the most important problem. You have to act as a famous man, and you must do what they suppose to do. This reason is pretty similar to the above one. But the difference is the second one may let you accept it, and do it happily.
According to those reasons, I am sure I am a good example in this situation.
For examples, when I am at home, I am certainly a good kid. I do everything my parents ask me to do. I am just quiet like a still tree. I only talk if my parents ask for my opinions. Therefore, I think that I must be a good and obedient child in my family’s eyes. They trust me a lot, and believe me that I can deal with things on my own just like I am a adult. Though I am independent in some ways, I still have to be very careful on my school exams.
It is much different in school with my friends. And that’s caused by some common reasons.
Frankly to say, I am not a famous person in my school. That’s because of my personality, the silence. Not only at home, but also at school, I reply if my teachers ask me. But strangely I talk to my friends kindly and enthusiastically. In contrast, I will become talkative if they are interested in what I am saying. Maybe they regard me as a waste bin, to complain and to reveal something weighing on my mind. Perhaps I am a little potato in my school, but I may be a real friend in my friends’ eyes.
In conclusion, they both think of me as a silent guy, but nice, the hardworking guy. But in my family’s eyes, I am especially a clever and cute child. The difference is that my friends consider me as a conversational guy and a nice listener. After all, I am just me, a seventeen-year-old boy. No matter what do I look like in others’ eyes.



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