Suppose you woke up and found out that you had become a super hero for a day. What happened? What powers did you have? What did you do? Write a story about your day. Be creative!

It’s very strange.

I woke up without my body that morning.

Everything is strange; I feel something full in my body, that’s courage. Suddenly, I descried that there is a cloth with a big “s” in the middle. I thought I was dreaming; I hit my face with my hand, but its hurt!

I know that I was not dreaming, I stand up quickly, and put on my T-shirt, it was almost eight, I am late for school now! I shout to my mom,” Mom, please help me to pack my break first and I won’t be home for dinner today!” I heard no answer, I shout again:” Mom, hurry up! I’m going to be late for school!” I heard a soft voice said:” come on, today is Sunday! Give me a break.” Oh, today is Sunday? Then, what am I doing? Why am I so nervous? Sleepy come through my head, I lay down again.

But I didn’t go back to sleep, I went to a park near by my home and there is some sport equipments. Usually, I can only hold myself on the baluster for only three or five second, but today I can hold myself by only one hand! And I jump; I can also jump for five meters. I ran as fast as I could, I could run as fast as a car.

I felt power is full of my body, with courage and the hope of helping people. What will you do if you get some power? You can choose to be good or be bad. I heard that the hero usually die early, I don’t want to.

Could you imagine that a human can fly? I don’t have to imagine now because I can fly as a super man! I don’t know what I can do for flying, but I usually like to fly on the sky everyday after school.

You will always run into something like ghost or monster if you always walk in a dark driveway. One day afternoon, I just finish an assignment, and felt very sleepily, I decide to fly for one hour viewing the beautiful visual of this city and also for a rest, but I saw that there was a bad guy pursuing a lady. I rush down and put the guy from his back. The guy felled down and the lady successful escape. I felt great to helping people. I decided to help more people at that time.

Few days later, I found that if I focus on something and imagine that that thing is burning, then it will burn. If I imagine I is icing, then it will be freeze. It’s very cool, like the movie X-Man.


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