Suppose you woke up and found out that you had become a super hero for a day. What happened? What powers did you have? What did you do? Write a story about your day. Be creative!


Waking up in an early, I saw it raining hard outside the window owing to typhoon. And I had never thought of that I would experience the most spectacular day in my life in such a bad weather. I would be a super hero.

I got out of my bed and found there was a letter on my desk. I was confused that there could not have anyone come in to my house and put the letter here. With a little curious I opened it in a hurry.

"This is the letter from heaven to give you a particular mission. For keeping the world in peace we are honored to tell you that you will be the super hero today until 12:00 PM." I kept reading, "From now on, you will get the magic power of seeing through people's mind and have to keep the world peace with it. Just enjoy your amazing life all day long." After finishing reading the letter, I thought "Ridiculous! Is there anyone so naughty that he would do such a meaningless caper?" Soon I brushed my teeth, put on my uniform and went to school without thinking of it anymore.

The typhoon's attack definitely made the day begin awfully. So heavily did it rain that I was getting wet all over even with an umbrella on the way to school, and the terrible weather irritated me. While passing by a convenient store in my bad mood, I saw an old woman sitting on the sidewalk alone lying at the wall with her eyes closed. Such curiousness was that I moved closer to the old. Then a miracle happened.

A young boy came in front of the old. In the beginning I regarded him as a common costumer who wanted to go into the store for shopping. However, meanwhile, it was a special feeling which occurred me that the youth was to do something horrible to the old. So I went on moving closer to them. Suddenly, the youth took a knife from his pocket and aimed at the woman.




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