There are moments in everyone's lives when they feel pride and accomplishment after completing a challenging task. These moments can happen in the classroom, on the field, or in their personal lives.

Write a story about one of your proudest moments. Describe the circumstances around the event, and the struggles you had to overcome. Include why that moment was your proudest, and how it affected your life.

We all have the proudest moment in the world, such as receive an admiration by a lovely guy, win a competition or overcome some hard tasks. These could be anyone’s proud moment, but will not be the proudest moment in my lifetime. My proudest moment is just like that but harder for me to gain.

My proudest time happened in ten years ago. That year I was just a six – year – old girl, cute, quiet and docilely girl. My school life at elementary school was not so smooth going. First, my teacher chose me to help her doing things but a few months latter, she decided to change another girl to get this job. That was because I always gave her troubles and my mom always made her embarrassing. Second, the homework she gave us was always too much for me to finish before bed time or even before midnight. My mom was very anger about that and my homework grades were always bad and the last one in the class. That was my terrible memories in my life. But I didn’t give up my work and try hard to reach the high criterion she gave me. Doing these for over half a year, my grade become great and sometimes were even the top of the class.

And at the day I was going to grow up to third grade, she called my name when everyone was in the class. Then she said, “We should give a person big hand because of her hard work. Her behavior is our model.” I couldn’t forgive the moment she let me stood up and receive all my classmates clapping. That moment changed me and let me know hard working will make things better. It does work, and it does worth.

From that day on, I feel that I changed slowly into a person who wanted more admiration to approve myself. I was very scared that I will become a person who is proud and not humble to everything even the things I don’t really know. I try to change my attitude and learn the right way to face those admire people gave me. The proudest moment makes me feel great and find the reason why to live on earth, but it also let me know what humble means. Whatever met, the proud my parents gave me will solve in my mind and heart forever.




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