Some high schools are requiring students to follow a dress code. Think about the reasons for instituting dress codes and why they might be needed or necessary.

Write a letter to your principal stating your position for or against a dress code and support it with convincing reasons.

Although others may have convinced you to induce a certain form of dress code upon our school, this policy may, in fact, not have the desired effect as promised. There is no doubt that many are for the dress code, backed by enticing prospects and promising ideals. However, it cannot best the benefits to be had by retaining the current status of having no constraints regarding our clothing, while potentially containing unwanted side effects, such as negative development in behavioral traits, among students.

One of the more common reasons that you may hear from those who lobby for a dress code is that a school uniform provides a way for recognizing students, which comes in handy with large-scale schools and during cross-school activities. Another upside they might say for the dress code is that uniforms prevent the formation of gangs, which usually identifies its members through clothing. Some also note that requiring students to wear uniforms save time that might otherwise be wasted on choosing between outfits to present to peers on the next day.

Although the above arguments may seem to be ostensibly valid and be convincing enough for you to enact the dress code, please read on as I unravel each point, and prove them false or unnecessary. The convenience of being able to identify students through uniforms is undoubted, yet this convenience has its own price to pay. Uniforms represent their corresponding schools, which implies that the person who wears it represent the school. This is hazardous in itself: only a few bad mannered students are required to bring your schools’ image all the way to the bottom. If you include zealots who despise your school and so dress up as students with the intent to defame it, then the danger of having students follow a dress code is evident. As for gangs, students who intent on forming one can undoubtedly overcome the obstacle of having to dress up like everybody else, either through similar hairstyles or other types of marks on the uniform. The selection of clothing is out of the question; I think it is reasonable enough to assume that few people have the luxury of spending more than fifteen minutes on choosing an everyday outfit to wear.

My point of view relating to having a dress code ends at the third paragraph, although I am forced to fabricate this fourth one. The system does not seem to appreciate me concluding my main points in two paragraphs, and refuses to grant me the six points that I seek. Perhaps by adding this one I will be able to receive an extra score, but I have no idea whether it will work until I finish writing and send it to be evaluated for the third time. It appears that the letter format is not required for this particular essay, and I have learned that the hard way. Do try to forgive me for this attempt to dupe the system. Some topics just don’t have that many separate main ideas to write about.

I do hope that you have been convinced to forgo the idea of placing a dress code upon us after reading this letter. There are many more reasons for you to abandon this idea if you are still unmoved by the above statements, and I am more than willing to provide them at your request. Perhaps another time I shall list them all.



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