One morning a child looks out the window and discovers that a huge castle has appeared overnight. The child rushes outside to the castle and hears strange sounds coming from it. Someone is living in the castle!

The castle door creaks open. The child goes in.

Write a story about who the child meets and what happens inside the castle.

After an argument with my mother, I fell asleep in a clod night.
A noisy voices which sounds like cooks break the silence. When I open my eyes, I found there was a brick castle stood out the window! I hit myself several times for sure that I am not in dream. It is a real and big castle. However, it kept making some noises.
I took a deep breath and go to knock the door of the castle but nobody answered.
Then I pushed the door and went inside. Unexpectedly, the decorations of this magnificent structure are very simple and plain. The pile of books and paintings filled with this castle. I was wondering what kinds of person would live in here? Alone with the keeping sounds, I went to the bowel of it.
The voices were from the room. When I open the door, I detected it was a big kitchen which has completed cookers. There was an women who was cooking, and I approached her. “Mother? Why are you here?” I was scared and yelled. What is weird was she didn’t realize me as her daughter. “Sorry, little girl. I am busy with preparing meals for my family, so I have no time to talk to you” The women who were the same with my mother said.
I tried to calm down and answered her.“ It is okay, l lady. But the fact is you don’t need to be so busy. Your children will realize if there has nothing to eat”
“How come? They will complain if I didn’t do the housework. That’s why I even have time to do something I’d like to do.” I thought of these books and paintings which were covered by dirt. The tears welled up in my eyes.




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