Special Place

Most people have a special place where they are most comfortable. For some people this may be a room in their house or a quiet place in the woods, while others may find their peace in less obvious places: on a basketball court, playing an instrument, lost in the fantasy of a good book. Write an essay about your special place. What does it look like, sound like, feel like? Describe as completely as you can this special place so that the reader can appreciate it.

Everyone in the world have a special place that would be the warmest and most comfortable for them. Each tire heart can be comforted there.
My favorite space is a bookstore in Kaohsiung. The first time I entered there, I immediately knew that was exactly where I belonged to. It is located on the seventeenth floor in a department store with a great view of a harbor. The constant smelling of woods and books pulled me away from the air pollution in a city. In addition to outside facilities, the spirit of the bookstore really encourage me to keep curious about the unknown.
I usually study three hours daily in order to get good grades. Gradually, I will lose interests in doing homework or going to school. Though I absolutely understand the importance of academic, I still can't concentrate on it all the while. Then, the image of this bookstore will show up in my mind. Taking a bus forward the store, I always get very excited as traveling abroad. While I step in the entrance, all the troubles, sadness and sorrow run away from my heart as if the sun can kill all the bad things in the world.
It is a large space containing two floors. The building is based on woods and glasses. Unlike other commercial bookstores only wanting to earn more money, it provides a land without money war, competition and crowded noise. The slogan of this bookstore is that "Discover the power of knowledge." Neither best-selling books nor normal love novels appear there. Each time I am in the wood-made house, I will be full of hopes toward my future. Watching other readers around me enjoy in the happiness of learning, I can also have the same passion in my heart burning enthusiastically. The tired and the annoyance of studying don't matter now. It is really the greatest medicine to cure my laziness.
Once upon a time, I saw a Japanese writer having a speech there. That was the first time I can be so near to a celebrity. I obviously felt the amazing spirit of a master because of her talents and speaking skills. That afternoon, I started to realize the purpose in life. Though everyone would be tired and lazy to what they should do, only the wise people can cross through and become the host of themselves. Sometime my eyes badly hurt and my brain have a lot of pain, but I should think of what will I get if I keep going. The power from myself can be so huge. No one need to blame on me and order me to do this or that. I can read, study and learn by my own decision. That is all taught by the perfect bookstore.
A place is not only a building made by tar but also a source of ambition and power. A sensitive thing will be much stronger than a concrete thing. Bookstore gives me an environment with both great books and faith. Though I have moved out of the city, I still miss the smile of books and woods. Sometimes when I feel upset, I would remember the warm place in the seventeenth floor. Recalling all the past I had in the bookstore, I really want to thank for it. Accompanying with me for such a long time, no matter winter or summer, the place will always be here in my mind.




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