While some students may enjoy school more than others, all students have certainly had memorable days at school. Whether the day was positive (passing a test, a victory at the big game, a successful opening of a show) or negative (a friend moving away, a favorite teacher retiring), surely some day in every student's career stands out more than the others. Write a story about your most memorable day, including exactly what happened and why the day was so unforgettable for you. Be as specific as possible in relaying why this day was so important.

Everyone would have a memorable school in his senior high school life. The memorable school day was the day that our class 113 entering the final basketball game in my senior school. Others always thought that our class will be the loser in every kind of contest. Happily, we not only won the game but also won a lot. This was a memorable thing that shown everyone our united. I would not forget this memorable school day forever.

Before the day comes, most of my classmates always practiced basketball after school for more than two hours a day. The leader would distribute the players into two groups to practice their skills in basketball. Unfortunately, one of the majority players got hurt on the day before the final basketball game. We were worried about his hurt leg, but he said he was okay. He adhered to join the basketball game, although he was hurt. Everyone agreed to let him take the field. The day was coming, and the hurt player was one of the first starts. We were expected at his basketball skills. He did not say anything, and just sat at the stage.

The whistling of this excited game was started! The game was so exciting that every student and teacher in my class came and cheered, And so were our adversaries. Other students in our class sat at the field and cheered them up. We were really nervous if the hurt player would get hurt again. From the first game to the third game our scores are really closed to their scores. We cannot relax at any minute, or we would lose. In the fourth game, one player of our team became the fourth quarter star. He made shots and we got many and many scores. Finally, we won the exciting game and cot the championship! This exciting game made most of the students in our school late for class. Everyone loved our player, so they cheered for us happily.

It was the memorable school day of my life in my senior high school with class 113. Although others were mad at we got the champion, we were really hard at practice playing basketball. Many players did not go to their cram school, and they just stay at school and practice. Although some of them wanted to give it up before, they still practiced until the day before the memorable school day. Basketball is a game which needed many people to unite. When some of them could not stay and practice, the team would be the loser. And everyone in class 113 cheered for them would make them felt united. A person cannot do anything, but some people can do everything. Our united made us won the championship.

Happily we won the championship of this important basketball game. The glorious of 113 will be forever, and people who saw this game would remember us. Everyone paid for this game, and got the champion. The memorable school day in my life would be this exciting thing forever.




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