Everyone has certain skills in which they excel. What is one area in which you excel? Write an essay describing your success and how you achieved it. Be complete and specific in describing how you achieved this success.

Socrates, the famous philosopher in ancient Greek had a saying, “The only thing I know is I do not know anything.” I really love this sentence and take it as my motto. I found my existence is surely very humble in the world because of these words. In this case, I have never thought of me having a spectacular skill or something else. There are definitely many other people stronger than me. And there’s no need for me to be proud of my skills in this situation.
I had been learning German before I graduated from junior high. It was a very special ability to have in Taiwan, because people barely use this language to communicate with each other. At that period, I was once able to be a translator when my family traveled to Europe, and most foreigners were absolutely surprised and shocked to hear a child speak their language like a native speaker. I could even read or write without any problems, just like a German-born-Chinese. However, I have stopped to use this language as I entered senior high. Because of the pressure to advance a higher school, I had no choice but to give up. Fortunately, I didn’t stop learning another tongue, English. I have been learning this International communication tool since I was only three years old. I spent three hours everyday to negotiate with foreign teachers, which established my listening, speaking, reading and writing to be just like a foreign child. I also learned grammar in conversations, phonics, Geography, History and literature, it became really helpful afterward. I could just spend little time memorizing vocabularies and get high scores in school exams. The only thing bothering me is that I often couldn’t understand what the teacher is teaching when he uses Mandarin to explain English grammar. The rules have already settled in my brain and could hardly be forgotten. Though I always have had confidence within my language usage and ability, I still can’t satisfy myself easily. After all I am always a Chinese. English would never become my mother tongue. I could only work harder and harder to be like a native speaker. That is the reason why I kept studying this tongue.
In conclusion, the more you learn, the less you understand. As we slowly begin to know more knowledge or definitions about one subject, more questions will appear in our mind. There aren’t any other ways to succeed, but keep learning continuously. And also, try to find something uncommon to learn. Therefore, there would be less competitors compete you. What the society needs are only a few experts, not a bunch of it. Though we may not always achieve our goals, but we could still make ourselves more knowledgeable. It is always good for us to know more.




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